Do you work in the fashion industry?

Being glued to a computer, working with Illustrator and Photoshop is probably not what you expected when you got into the fashion biz.

Do you find yourself with too many CADs and specs and not enough hours in the day? 

Working late, tweaking designs, adding colours, changing details and being consumed with admin - you know the drill. 

Have you ever thought… “there MUST be an easier way to CAD this” but you don’t know where to look?

Google searches for help just lead to “designer fashions” rather than help for “fashion designers”.


Then CAD it quick is the resource for you

Rather than being a generic how-to guide, we provide specific help and advice to solve the everyday problems and niggles of using Illustrator & Photoshop for fashion. Our tips & tricks will make your CADing & speccing process quicker, easier and more efficient, meaning you can spend less time on boring tech packs and more time on the fun stuff.

How do I use CAD it quick?

The best way to get started with CAD it quick is to sign-up for our weekly emails.

If you're a fashion professional using Illustrator already these will be perfect for you. Each week we send out a simple guide with an Illustrator tip that will save you time. We make them specific to the fashion industry so you get the most valuable stuff without the unnecessary steps you'll never use. 

And the best bit is each one can be read in just 5 mins but save you countless hours later on...

You can also go straight to our expanding library of tips on our Illustrator page.

We're always adding more tips and we've got a long list of useful, fashion specific tools and guides we'll be creating over the coming months. You'll be kept up to date with these by signing up too. 


What's more if there is something specific you're after you can ask us directly...