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Maybe you don't walk around thinking - oooo that would make a make a gorgeous print - but the print designers amongst us certainly do.

Inspiration for prints can come from just about anywhere, but capturing the ideas, taking them back to the studio and dedicating precious time developing the idea into a repeating pattern is a hell of an endeavour if you're just working on a gut feeling that something will work as print. The free Adobe Capture app (yes, free) can massively help us figure that out. Point it at something - anything - and watch it instantly transform to a pattern. The repeat might be hit and miss on occasion, but what it will give you is an instant indication of whether or not it'll look good as a print. 

There's every chance that you'll get a fully formed pattern, in repeat, at the end of it too! Then you can hop on your computer and design with it right away! Let me show you how....

Firstly - let me remind you of the app:


1. Select the Pattern tab then hit +

The Pattern tab will show you all the patterns already in your library, these are synced between the Adobe software on your computers and whatever you add in this app. This + sign at the bottom is used for creating a new pattern. 

Image 1.png

2. Point your phone at whatever you like

In my case it's some tiny flowers on a curb stone - but try it with anything. It will automatically show it in a regular grid repeat - which in it's current context doesn't look too great. 

Image 2.png

Or hit the square in the bottom right corner and chose from a photo you have already taken.


Tap camera roll to get to the library of photos already on your phone. 


3. Play with your pattern

In this mode you can zoom, crop and change repeat tiles. Play around and see which works best for you and your print.


4. Click the purple circle to save & edit

This next page allows you to zoom, rotate and blur the edges of your pattern - while showing you a section of repeat above. This is the perfect time to check how your repeat looks and whether it's giving you the overall look your desire. When you're finished, hit Next in the top right corner. 


5. Name and save your pattern


6. Hop on your computer and use these patterns in Photoshop

These patterns, once synced, show up in the Libraries panel (Window > Libraries). The patterns currently only show up in Photoshop - they appeared greyed out in Illustrator - but they are still great to use!

In Photoshop, double-click on the pattern in the Libraries panel and it'll create a Pattern Fill layer and show you your pattern repeat in full beauty. 


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