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Smartphones, and particularly the quality of the cameras they carry, have helped the life of the trend researcher considerably. Now, at the beginning of each season, we can head out into the world, capture anything we see, and have it waiting for us on our computer when we return. 

Well, now we can do the same with colour palettes. 

Using the Colour tab in the Adobe Capture app, you can point your phone at a beautiful view, outfit, bunch of flowers - essentially anything with a nice combination of colours. The app automatically identifies a palette of 5 key colours which syncs for use with Illustrator and Photoshop later. It won't take away your need to head out in the world in search of new and pretty things (this is the fun part of the job anyway right?!) but it will save you all that time trying to pull colours from your inspirational imagines and give you a great start to create some physical colour palettes from digital inspiration. 

Screen shots to explain below (from the iPhone version of the app)

The first & most important thing... download Adobe Capture on your phone now!!


1. Select the Colour tab then hit +

The Colour tab will show you all the colour palettes already in your library, these are synced between the Adobe software on your computers and whatever you add in this app. This + sign at the bottom is used for creating a new palette. 

Image 1.png

2. Point your phone at the colours you like

In my case it's part of the view from the window - but try it with anything. 5 round circles will pop up selecting colours from your image and showing them up the top in palette form.

Image 2.png

The app will reselect colour options with small movements of your phone


Tap the image once at any time to freeze on a certain selection, this will give you time to review. 


3. To reposition the circles, touch and drag them across the image

As you do this, the app freezes the image while you make these changes. To go back & exit the frozen mode - just tap the screen. Dragging the circles to certain points of your image will allow you the control to customise what colours you want selected from your image. 


4. Click the white circle to save

Name your theme, make sure it's saving where you want it (in this case it's the default My Library). It also gives you the option to share or keep it pivate in your own library via your Creative Cloud account. 


5. Hop on your computer and use these colours in Illustrator

Open up your range plan, print file, your best selling stripe - or anything else you'd like to use to test out the colour palette. Make sure the Libraries tab is open, if not go to Window > Libraries on the top toolbar. 

Right click on the new palette you have just captured (which should show up in the Libraries tap if your phone has been connected to wifi / data). Then hit 'Add to Swatches'.

Highlight the new colour swatches created in your swatches panel by clicking the folder icon to the left of them. Then double click on the colour wheel to recolour your artwork. 

The recolour window will then show up allowing you to change the colour order around (as I've showed you here) and quick as a flash you can see whether this new colour combination will work in your designs!


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