Why do I need to CAD it quick?

Fashion folk are under increasing pressure these days. The trend for fast fashion and the constant need for newness means we’ve got to get an enormous amount of designs from the drawing board to the factories in shorter and shorter timescales. And these designs must be done with enough accuracy and detail to be correctly produced at the first sample stage to avoid further time and money spent resampling.

Many of us are now finding that rather than spending our time getting inspired by the latest trends and bubbling with new ideas, we are instead beavering away CADing and speccing garment tech packs, rarely leaving our computers to get out from behind our desks and touch some real fabrics.

Designers, developers and technologists end up tinkering away with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, trying to work out how to get back all the toolbars that have miraculously disappeared, or removing that sleeve you somehow copied a million times. All the while product review and manufacturing deadlines loom.

So how can we help?

Sadly the lack of time available to teach the use of Illustrator or Photoshop during degree courses means grads often leave Uni with the basics of being able to use the software at best & anything else becomes self taught trial and error. Much of the generation of senior designers were working by the time Illustrator was even launched and so have learnt what they need on the job. 

CAD it quick was born out of one designer’s frustration with the endless admin and hours spent fiddling about with Illustrator and Photoshop. That frustration has led me to seek out the best ways of using Illustrator and Photoshop to create fashion CADs and specs. I’ve ended up weirdly addicted to finding the cool, quick and efficient tricks to do all sorts of things. CAD it quick is my place to start sharing these tricks and help free the fashion industry from the frustrations of CADing and speccing.

Every fortnight we send out a "Tech Pack Time Saver”  which has a quick tip to save you time on on your CADing and speccing.


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We've not been going long but we've got lots of ideas to help which we'll be releasing over the coming months. What's more if there is something specific you're after you can ask us directly... Click the button below or email us at info@caditquick.com

We hope you find this resource useful and please get in touch if you have any feedback on how we can make CAD It Quick useful.

Who are we?


Eli is a fashion designer and self-confessed Adobe addict. 

Having worked for a mixture of brands and retailers in the UK,  she found the expert use of Illustrator and Photoshop a necessity in the design department of every company. Her tendency to "tinker" meant that finding new ways to do things was part and parcel of working everyday and getting round some of the frustrating functions of the software became a highlight during a week of intense CADing.

This knack for finding clever tricks meant she soon became the go-to person for any Illustrator questions from her team. She also noticed there was a lack of good resources to quickly help fashion professionals make better use of Adobe software without needing to take time out of their packed schedules to attend expensive hardcore courses or watch generic how-to videos.

So in July 2015 she set out create a place where fashion folk could come and find the best ways to use Adobe software for all their CADing and speccing needs - a place where advice wouldn't just be aimed at people learning from scratch but to real users who face its frustrations everyday. And now here we are, providing specific Adobe guidance to help the fashion industry CAD it quick and spend more time on the fun stuff. 

And if you wondering who the "we" is. Eli's other half, Ali (yes we sadly do have almost the same name!) does the techie background stuff. So if anything's not working on the site you can mostly blame him.